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Ian has lived in the village with wife Clare since 1999. They have two children Lizzie and Tom.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Greetings, readers, and welcome to the Fen Ditton Village News blog. Times are changing fast, so much so that our village website (www.fenditton.org) is getting hard to keep up-to-date. So, here's a slightly more 21st-century solution - news and views posted round the clock, as they happen.

A few groundrules first: whilst I intend to keep postings strictly factual, remember that this is my personal slant on village affairs, and any opinions expressed are neither those of the Parish Council nor any other individual or organisation. I'm happy to correct errors of fact, but this isn't the forum for arguing about personal taste.

Comments are welcome, or you can email me at blogspot@fenditton.org.

Thanks for reading,